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Core values

These principles guide us in how we interact with everyone.

Positive and supportive

We’re positive about ourselves, others and situations.

We aim to bring value to everyone and help them succeed.


We believe being candid helps us do our best work.

Sharing your honest opinions, victories and mistakes with others helps us to grow


Nobody succeeds alone. We encourage collaborations with colleagues from other teams and our peers in the marketplace.

Have fun

We take our jobs seriously, but we have serious fun doing them.


We commit to building an outstanding product and we get there by executing with passion.

That means improving our product, processes and team consistently.


Technology changes rapidly.

We stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the market and coming up with original thinking.

Career opportunities

We are a team of developers based in Vancouver and we strive to help developers do their best work. If you’re interested and our mission and values are aligned with yours, we’d love to chat.


ML Engineer/Data Engineer


Hybrid in Vancouver BC

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AI ML Engineer


Hybrid in Vancouver BC

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Intermediate / Senior Software Developer


Hybrid in Vancouver, BC

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