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App for Slack Configuration is the easiest way for developers to monitor and resolve errors early. Monitor, diagnose, and prioritize errors from the whole CI/CD environment on a single platform. Our Slack App brings error notifications and weekly reports into the channel of your choice.

You’ll be notified each time a new error happens in one of your environments and if that error comes back in a later deployment, you’ll get notified once again.

To get started, sign up for a account

Go to the configuration page for your project and choose one of the environments eg. Production

Under Notification, please select [App for Slack] and click the button to add our app to your Slack workspace.

Once you’ve authorized the app, choose the channel you want our application to use:

If you want to test the integration, click the Test Webhook button.

Then click Save Changes.

You can choose a different channel for each of your application’s environments, or have each environment report to the same channel - it’s up to you!

You’ll also receive a weekly report for each environment. If you want to disable that, uncheck Receive Weekly Update Notification.

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