Paulo De Araujo

15 years of experience in software development

Paulo De Araujo

Software Engineer

Mr. De Araujo is a talented Software Developer with over 15 years of experience. He has vast knowledge and experience in Object Oriented design, C# and Java, and with front-end technologies like Javascript, JQuery and ASP.NET, Mr. De Araujo is a passionate, dedicated team player who takes pride in delivering high quality work.

Mr. De Araujo holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Software Development
Paulo’s past experiences include Implementing the backend and data layer of social web application for the Real Estate Industry using C#, MVC/Web API frameworks, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Web Jobs, Azure Microservices, Azure SQL database, Azure Search, Azure Cloud Storage, MS Entity Framework, Git and Redis for caching. Agile using Kanban Framework with Jira, BitBucket, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery development process. Partnerships

Railtown is pleased to be part of Nvidia’s AI Startup Partnership Program called Inception. As well Railtown is equally pleased to join Microsoft’s Partner Network Program.

NVIDIA and Microsoft have teamed up to provide the world’s most innovative young companies with access to their respective accelerator programs for AI startups.

NVIDIA Inception is a virtual accelerator program that supports startups harnessing GPUs for AI and data science applications during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment.

Microsoft Partner Microsoft Partner Network or MPN is Microsoft Inc.’s partner network. It is designed to make resources available to a wide variety of technology companies so they can build applications and businesses around Microsoft technologies like Visual Studio, Azure and Cloud Services.

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