Introducing Release notes co-pilot

An AI co-pilot for generating release notes from developer tickets.

Product development teams no longer have to manually review tickets and documentation to start writing their release notes. With Railtown, you can generate your first draft of release notes in under 2 minutes.

Teams use Railtown to improve their workflow
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How it works

Connect your ticketing platform

Upload a CSV or connect your ticketing platform to start generating your release notes.

Railtown analyzes and prioritizes your tickets

Our fine tuned AI model will analyze and prioritize your tickets – giving you high quality release notes.

You receive concise release notes

Share your release notes will all stakeholders and keep them updated on the most important features in your products.

Eliminate manual ticket reviews

Comprehensive and clear release notes, without hours of ticket or documentation analysis

Your engineering team can quickly and easily create comprehensive release notes with one click. Our AI technology automatically generates release notes based on your tickets, ensuring that your team and customers have full visibility into every release.

Compatible with multiple ticketing platforms

No matter which ticketing tools you're using – Railnotes can analyze and generate your release notes.

Intelligent ticket summarization

Not all tickets are created equal. Our AI engine intelligent prioritizes and summarizes tickets so the most important information gets highlighted first.

Clear and concise output to jumpstart your release notes

Avoid spending hours reviewing tickets and talking with your development team. Simply select the tickets you want to include in the next release and we'll generate a summary instantly.

Customer Stories

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Create release notes in under 90 seconds.
More productivity
"AI has the opportunity to help across all pieces of the development cycle – not just code generation. We're on a mission to build a suite of products that leverages AI at every point in the development lifecycle."

Marwan Haddad

CTO, Railtown

Start generating your release notes in 2 minutes or less.

Connect your tickets and start generating your release notes today.