43% fewer incidents, 100% happier teams

Continuously monitor .NET applications and see alerts about new and repeat errors in CI/CD environments.
Know about critical errors before your customers do with the power of AI and ML.
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Know what you need to fix in
5 minutes
or less

Remove the need to switch
between multiple systems to identify, diagnose and prioritise
fixes for errors in your CI/CD

Save 8+ hours per developer
on root cause analysis every week

railtown.ai is the easiest way to
find the root causes of errors in complex .NET applications in any
CI/CD environments. Even local
dev machines.

Instantly assess team strengths and
software development

Quickly know who needs to level up and
proactively address bottlenecks in your
software development process.

Cut ramp time by 50%

Know what stories and
tickets are bottlenecks for
new team members.

Know who is stuck in
your current sprint

Unblock developers. Know when
they are stuck and what needs to
be addressed.

Get set up in minutes,
not days

Two easy steps. Add railtown.ai’s NuGet
package and auto-generated config file.
Connect a messaging tool of choice.

Before railtown.ai ™

Use 4+ systems to find and diagnose errors
Sift through thousands of log error messages
Don’t know where an error came from
Rely on Qa and devs’ to find errors
Root cause analysis takes 8+ hours per developer
Don’t know how somebody’s onboarding is going

After railtown.ai ™

Use railtown.ai’s dashboard to find and diagnose errors
Know what to fix in 5 mins
Find the source of the error right away as all environments including devs’ are connected
Add AI and ML to the mix to find errors quicker
Root cause analysis is done in 10 mins
Assess your team’s progress within minutes

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