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Railtown is built ...

For Project Managers

Empowers PMs by enabling them to identify and fix bugs faster, ensuring smoother project execution. It enhances productivity and drives down inefficiency by providing real-time insights into project progress and identifying potential bottlenecks.

For Stakeholders

Railtown AI is a valuable tool for enhancing project efficiency, leading to improved productivity and a greater likelihood of meeting deadlines. It accelerates engineering and team velocity, delivering faster results and benefiting stakeholders by maximizing their investments.

For Developers

A crucial asset that allows developers to concentrate on coding and innovation instead of spending excessive time on debugging. It enhances developer productivity by swiftly identifying and resolving bugs, while also streamlining the development process to improve product quality and reduce costs.

For anyone in the organization

Railtown provides information related to a wide range of topics, including code snippets, build errors, bug fixes, performance issues, and more. Team members can ask the Copilot specific questions or describe the problem that they are facing, and the Copilot will provide relevant and actionable information to help solve the problem.

“Keeping everyone up to date with the latest releases has never been easier. It's made our workflow more efficient, and it's definitely a must-have tool for any organization.”

Melissa Murphy

Succulent Studios CEO

How it works

Connect your ticketing platform

Upload a CSV or connect your ticketing platform; no matter which ticketing tools you're using – Railtown can analyze and generate your release notes.

Eliminate manual ticket reviews

Comprehensive and clear release notes, without hours of ticket analysis. Your engineering team can quickly and easily create comprehensive release notes with one click. Our AI technology automatically generates release notes based on your tickets, ensuring that your team and customers have full visibility into every release.

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Integrate everything

Simple Process, Impressive Results

  • Compatible with multiple ticketing platforms

    No matter which ticketing tools you’re using, Railtown can analyze and generate your release notes.

  • Intelligent ticket summarization

    Not all tickets are created equal. Our AI engine intelligently prioritizes and summarizes tickets so the most important information gets highlighted first.

  • Clear and concise output

    Avoid spending hours reviewing tickets and talking with your development team. Simply select the tickets you want to include in the next release and we'll generate a summary instantly.

even more?

Root Cause Analysis powered by AI

Monitor, diagnose, and prioritize errors efficiently with the help of AI and Machine Learning. Reduce the time spent on fixing errors without compromising product quality.

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A knowledge based chat Copilot

This Copilot is trained on a vast amount of data related to the software application, enabling it to quickly search through and retrieve relevant information.

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